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Jack Crocker's Author with Mules Woodrow & Franklin
Tommy Lee Cook's Jack Crocker-Catchin the Con
is a story about four children on a summer adventure into the deep woods of rural America that takes place in the mid 1960’s. The four kids are in search of old dilapidated shacks, barns and farmhouses, riding a pony and an old mule into the hills on this their latest expedition.
Tommy Lee Cook's Jack Crocker's Zachariah Sawmill

Their paths cross unexpectedly with a dangerous escaped convict, Arnold “Buzz Saw” Mayhew. Once the kids realize the identity of the stranger sneaking around their camp in the middle of the night Jack and his buddies must figure out a way to escape, elude or capture the felon.
Jack Crocker & the Everglades Connection

The kids are at it again!!
This time they're in the Florida Everglades chasing after a dangerous group of notorious smugglers. Fast airboats and some wild, rough and tumble characters make for another exciting adventure in the third book in the Jack Crocker series. Hold on to your hats for the most fun yet.
Jack Crocker Children Books
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